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17 Best Gifts for a Transgender Child

So, you’ve recently found out a child in your life is transgender. There’s a special occasion coming up that involves gift giving, such as a birthday, Christmas or Chanukah, a graduation, or another occasion. This is all new to you and you don’t know where to begin to choose the best gift for the transgender child in your life. Help is here!

The 3 Essential Gifts for the Transgender Child

The most meaningful gifts you can give to the transgender child in your life will help to fulfill these basic needs:

  1. Your unconditional love: Like every other child, transgender children just want your love and understanding. This is the most important gift you can give them as it contributes to greater self-esteem, social support, and general well-being .
  2. Use of preferred prounouns: Nothing will bring a smile to the face of your transgender child like hearing affirming pronouns from your lips.
  3. Supporting their gender identity with friends, family and professionals: Advocate for the transgender child in your life to try to make their lives a little easier and normal.

The above FREE, yet invaluable gifts can help deflect against bullying and resistance outside the home. They help ward off depression, substance abuse, and suicide. In other words, for some transgender youth, your support can be the difference between life and death.

If you have come to this page in search of a thoughtful tangible gift for the transgender child in your life, we suggest the following most popular gifts any transgender child would hope to receive in 2020.

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Best Gifts for a Transgender Male 

For those boys of all ages with endless energy, the GoSports Slammo Game Set can be played indoors or outdoors and keeps players fit while having fun. The set includes 3 balls and a carrying case.

A great gift for a transgender boy who is slightly geeky is the Marvel Super Hero Adventures Ultimate Super Hero Set. These 10 action figures will provide hours of play to those younger boys with active imaginations. 

For the teen boy who loves gaming, Madden NFL 20 (available for Xbox One and PS4) is a solid choice. This updated version includes the feature to create your own custom player or use players from the past. 

If you’re searching for a gift for a transgender male who likes sports but isn’t into football, there’s always the new NBA 2K20 (available for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch), or NHL 20 (available for Xbox One and PS4). 

For those who love to game, but don’t like sports, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is sure to be a hit for transgender teens who love to game.

What boy doesn’t love a hoodie? The Champion LIFE Pullover Hoodie or the Nike Pullover Hoodie  are both warm, comfortable and stylish hoodies that will make those transgender boys feel more like themselves.

Best Gifts for a Transgender Girl

A great gift for the younger transgender girl is the Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby. This interactive doll you feed with a special spoon will give your child hours of pretend fun playing mommy.

Makeup is an ideal gift idea for transgender female. Try the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer to keep their lips looking sun-kissed and moisturized.

The Maúve Carry All Trunk Train Case with Makeup is the perfect gift for the transgender girl and includes everything she needs to experiment with makeup to find out what works for her.

Jewellery is another feminine gift that a transgender girl will cherish. These beautiful and sparkly Angel Wing Heart Necklaces and Earrings Sets are embellished with crystals from Swarovski and are sure to make your child feel extra girly.

Genderless Gifts for any Transgender Child

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle is durable, keeps water ice-cold for hours and helps sustain the environment by minimizing waste. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to keep plastic out of our landfills.

A PG version of Cards Against Humanity, this family-friendly gift for good readers is the fill-in the blank game, Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers. It provides hours of family fun and laughter while encouraging reading.

These Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headphones will provide hours of wireless listening for the music lover, while keeping parents who appreciate peace and quiet happy. It’s a winner for everyone!

The Kid Made Modern Studio in A Box Set is the perfect gift for the crafty transgender child. This arts and crafts supply kit provides multiple ways for your child to express themselves through art.

This Risky Rainbow Giant Tumble Tower wood stacking block game with color dice and storage bag will keep the whole family entertained for hours. It’s just like Jenga with a colorful twist.

For those children who love to read, this timeless 5 Book Set of Percy Jackson Books will provide hours of action and adventure for all lovers of mythical creatures.

Finally, a gift you can give anyone and everyone to help support the transgender child in your life! This Be Kind T-Shirt promotes an anti-bullying message . The world today can most definitely use more kind people.

We hope this post gave you some great ideas for buying gifts for the transgender child in your life! Let us know in the comments if you have any other great gift ideas for a transgender child.

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